Three Michigan Associations of REALTORS® Launch a New Collaborative Multiple Listings Service

Today it was announced that three Michigan associations of REALTORS® have launched a new collaborative multiple listings service (MLS) venture to serve as a nucleus of what is hoped will be a truly regional real estate MLS solution.
The new entity known as the Northern Great Lakes REALTORS® MLS is a cooperative partnership between the Central Michigan Association of REALTORS®, the Northeastern Michigan Board of REALTORS®, and the Traverse Area Association of REALTORS®.
This collaboration, which began the process of mapping and merging data fields eighteen months ago was released to the collective REALTOR® membership of these three boards last week. However, the process and ensuing activity was based upon an ongoing conversation to regionalize MLS operations in this part of the state that has spanned the last twelve years, and an Effective MLS Market Solutions (EMMS) research study funded by a grant from the National Association of REALTORS® that was completed in late 2010.
The new public facing MLS website can be found at or by visiting any of the websites for the three partner organizations.
This regionalization effort is designed to potentially and on a discretionary basis include REALTOR® association MLS operations located in the central and the northern half of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, or an area many consumers feel represents a Northern Michigan experience. Future considerations may also open the door to someday collaborate with the Upper Peninsula REALTOR® MLS operations.
The Northern Great Lakes REALTORS® MLS (NGLR) is using the powerful Paragon 5™ MLS software developed by LPS real estate solutions to provide a high level of service and cutting edge real estate listings tools for their collective membership and to power a robust public facing property search function.
For more information contact: Kimberly Pontius at (231) 313-6580 or by email to